Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What to say....what to say....

Having just read the letters from the HOB a few minutes ago, there has not been adequate time for my knee to stop jerking, however, a few things are absolutely clear from the response.

1. ECUSA (I refuse to call it TEC) is in a state of denial so deep that even Marie Antoinette would find their statements absurd.

2. A majority of the Episcopate of ECUSA believe that polity, constitutional legalism and border integrity are more important than the Scripture, Reason and Tradition.

3. If the Bishops are not careful, the present movement of ECUSA toward a radicalized, lay lead, congregational polity will obviate any need for "purple shirts" within a generation.

The response of the HOB is very clear. ECUSA will not change its position, nor will it even consider that its current course is wrong. What will happen over the next few weeks and months will largely depend on whether there is a strong dissenting opinion by the Windsor Bishops and on the response from the ABC and the Primates. ECUSA is charting new territories of arrogance and apostasy.

"I think we should be prepared to see many more yet going over to Rome; but that they do is no proof of the Catholicity of Rome, but of the want of true Catholicity in the Church at whose altars we serve. Yet it is a base cowardice to run away from the Church because she is not what she ought to be, and thereby leave her to those who care nought for her claims. If she is the Church of God, let us stand firmly by her and not fear the enemy that riseth within or without her walls." St. James Lloyd Breck.

These words were written over a century ago by the man who came from General Seminary in New York at the behest of Bp. Jackson Kemper to found a Mission and a Seminary in Nashotah, WI. These words were preached to us in a sermon last Thursday in St. Mary's Chapel, and I was reminded of them by a good friend this evening. These are words to live by, especially the last sentence.

To God be the Glory, and may His Will be done.

Your Brother in Christ,
Michael W. Millard
Nashotah House '08

Friday, March 16, 2007

"All Animals Are Equal....."

What happened to the argument used by so many in 2003 regarding the consecration of Gene Robinson? Then we were told that the Church as a whole must respect the wishes of the people of the Diocese of New Hampshire, after all, their polity properly elected him according to the laws and procedures of that diocese. (In case you’re wondering what that sound in your head is, it’s your hypocrisy detector going off.)

I am reminded of that famous line from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, only some are more equal than others.”